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The Globalist’s Top Thirteen Features by Jean-Pierre Lehmann

A selection of the most interesting features by Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

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Tibet and 21st Century Water Wars

How will the Tibetan Plateau determine the course of Asia’s future?

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Is China Playing With American Fire?

Could such sensitive issues as Muslim relations, maritime activities and international investments tip the United States and China into greater enmity?

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America’s G2 Obsession

Is a “G2” consisting of China and the United States really a wise strategy for America?

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The Dalai Lama Speaks

As he meets with President Obama, what does the Dalai Lama have to say about the suffering of the Tibetan people?

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China’s New Development Model

Can China's current leaders think outside the box and formulate new agendas to cope with the future?

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China’s New Value Dilemma

Has China's economic success left a spiritual void inside the country?

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Shanghaied Into Cooperation

What tensions emerged among Shanghai Cooperation Organization members over the Russia-Georgia conflict?

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Change in China?

What effect could Western opposition to China’s handling of Tibet have on China’s economic growth?

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