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Russia’s Global Tourism

A steep decline from one of the biggest spenders after several bumpy years in global politics.

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Turkey: Europe Out, Middle East In

As the primary source of tourists visiting Turkey shifts from Europe to the Middle East, a 150 year-long era comes to a close.

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Tourism Takes Over in Oman

The rise of beachfront resorts blocks local access to the sea that fed generations of Omanis.

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Peru: Beyond Llamas and Machu Picchu

Can Peru once again prove skeptics wrong and succeed in the world economy?

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Untouched Cambodia

Despite rapid growth in tourism and commercial industry, there are still parts of Cambodia untouched by this development.

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Myanmar: Captain at the Helm

A young Myanmarese boy takes the helm of his father’s boat.

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Where China Beats India (Badly)

India is global tourism’s biggest underperformer.

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Best of the Globalist Quiz 2014

A selection of our favorite Globalist Quizzes from 2014.

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Bhutan: Reconciling Economic Growth and the Environment


Taking a democratically-based, long-term approach to development.

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Make in India! But Can India Make It?

Reflections on the Post-Indian-Visa-Application-Stress-Syndrome.

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