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Boosting Transatlantic Technology Cooperation

The EU and the U.S. need to address the real technology competitiveness challenge, which is China.

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AUKUS Deal: Europe’s Global Strategy Falls Short

Europe needs to make clear proposals to the U.S. in its Indo-Pacific strategy to set a common approach to China.

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Transatlantic Relations After the Afghanistan Debacle

Reflections on the need to guard against the false prophets of making hay out of the current situation by effectively doing China’s bidding inside Europe, especially inside Germany.

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North Stream 2: What the Germans Must Do for Transatlantic Solidarity

As much as the current German government would wish otherwise, the North Stream 2 pipeline controversy continues to threaten European unity as well as transatlantic solidarity.

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Donald Trump’s Diplomatic War on Europe

The Trump administration uses diplomatic protocol to slap the EU in the face, while cuddling up to Putin and Erdogan.

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EU Defense Cooperation: Threat or Benefit for NATO?

Britain has long opposed an EU defense identity fearing it would undermine NATO. Post Brexit, the remaining 27 members can forge ahead.

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Obama’s Farewell to Europe

Is the 44th U.S. President burying the Euro-Atlantic alliance?

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Europe — As Irritating as Women’s Lib?

Four theses on where the United States stands vis-à-vis Europe.

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Transatlantic Drift or Dynamism?

Our top features on U.S.-European relations.

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Europe and the United States: A Perfect Divorce

Will a second Bush term in the White House permanently mar transatlantic relations?

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