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Transatlantic Drift or Dynamism?

Our top features on U.S.-European relations.

February 18, 2005

Our top features on U.S.-European relations.

The United States and Europe both realize the need to mend fences. But given the recent track record of strained transatlantic dealings, will efforts to resuscitate a friendly relationship work — or have the two sides of the Atlantic drifted too far apart already? We take a look at different viewpoints on the past and future of the EU-U.S. alliance.

Europe — As Irritating as Women’s Lib?
Four theses on where the United States stands vis-à-vis Europe.

By Stephan Richter
Looking Beyond NATO
Is a new U.S.-EU treaty needed to complement NATO?

By Ulrike Guérot
The Paradox of Transatlantic Relations
Will Europe ever be a superpower on par with the United States?

By Timothy Garton Ash
The Transatlantic Yin and Yang
Are Europe and the United States headed in opposite directions?

By Stephen Klimczuk
Reconnecting Paris and Washington
Is there more common ground between Europe and the United States than many might think?

By The Globalist
Europe and the United States: A Perfect Divorce
Will a second Bush term in the White House permanently mar transatlantic relations?

By André Reichel
Renewing the Transatlantic Security Partnership
Why do both the United States and Europe need a transatlantic alliance?

By Michèle Alliot-Marie