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Museveni: The New Number 3 Post-Mugabe

Two 1980s coup leaders move up the African strongman rankings with the removal of Mugabe from power.

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No Mugabe: Mswati III is a Real African King

The new fourth-longest-ruling African leader is an absolute monarch.

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Uganda’s Technology Boom

Business incubators in Uganda are helping young technology entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

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Eastern Uganda: Back to School

With the end of LRA rebel attacks in Uganda, life has returned to normal for kids like Dan Opiding.

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Democracy Goes into Reverse

Western leaders more or less unthinkingly assume that democracy will eventually triumph worldwide. Are they correct?

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As Africa Multiplies

What will be the consequences of Africa’s “demographic multiplication”?

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Africa’s Demographic Multiplication

What will influence the future growth of Africa’s population — and why does this matter to the world as a whole?

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Teaching Children About Poverty — and Generosity

What are some heartwarming examples proving that you don’t have to be rich to help people in need?

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Rape: A Death Sentence for Congo’s Women

What can the world do to prevent rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — and around the world?

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China’s Instability Paradox

Why is China pursuing oil resources in unstable countries without regard for the political risk entailed?

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