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EU Strategic Autonomy in Afghanistan? The View from Delhi

The EU’s foreign policy approaches to Iran and Afghanistan demonstrate the challenges for the world’s middle powers.

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NATO: The US Share

How much does the United States actually pay to support NATO, despite Trump’s claims?

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Arabs and Westerners: The Widening Gap

An analysis of the difference in value systems.

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After Charleston: Gun Control and American Cynicism

Will the United States ever get real about the need for gun control?

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Thomas Paine’s Climate Solution: Would He Recognize It?

Paine’s revolutionary proposal to “share the wealth” from land and natural resources may help solve the climate crisis.

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Disappearing Jobs? Our Thomas Paine Moment

As automation eliminates jobs, Paine’s proposal to share wealth from the commons shows a way forward.

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Another American Sideshow

Why is so much attention paid to the 2016 race for the White House?

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Cuba Si, Yankee Si

A visit to Cuba.

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The War of Ideas: Does It Exist? Can It Be Won?

What is the big idea (or set of ideas) the West is battling about?

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Battling ISIS and the Six Lessons of Vietnam

Eerie similarities between the United States’ defeat in Vietnam and early stages of conflict in Iraq and Syria.

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