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Napoleon Alive and Well and Working in Downing Street

The UK needs to realize that cutting trade links with the continent has always been dumb — whether for Napoleon in December 1807 or Johnson in December 2020.

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May and Churchill

Theresa May and Winston Churchill have a lot in common. Except that Churchill delivered, whereas May can’t.

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Forget Fake News. Worry About Fake History Oscars

Two movies about Britain in 1940 – Dunkirk and the Darkest Hour – have collected plenty of Oscar nominations. Yet, both movies are full of historical nonsense.

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Annals of War: How Woodrow Wilson Cost Europe a Century – Part II

Did American intervention in WWI help destabilize the European continent?

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13 Facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The remarkable downsides of Britain’s most famous leader.

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Winston Churchill: Hagiography Versus History


Churchill is hero, not history, and Britain still lives under his shadow.

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Churchill’s Disgruntled Diatribe on Islam


The West’s policy in the Muslim world may hearken back to opinions held by leaders from its past.

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Churchill: Architect of Catastrophe, 1914

How a legendary politician needlessly took Britain into a continental war in 1914.

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Continuity at the Top

Popes, presidents, CEOs and prime ministers — which organization has had the least turnover in leadership?

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David Cameron: Embracing Europe in Churchill’s Footsteps

Is David Cameron following in the footsteps of Churchill and Thatcher by balancing anti-Europe sentiment against pro-Europe cooperation?

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