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The Best of The Globalist Research Center in 2007

What were the ten most thought-provoking features presented by The Globalist Research Center in 2007?


1. Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Rise of the Global South
What insights does a truly global — not just Western — perspective into these new investment vehicles yield?

By George Magnus
2. How to Restore U.S. Diplomacy
What will it take for the United States to become as skilled at diplomacy as it is at waging war?

By Chas W. Freeman
3. Triggering the Next Iranian Revolution (Part I)
Will the U.S. strategy toward Iran reverse the fundamental changes already under way in the country?

By Grzegorz W. Kolodko
4. Water Wars: Myths and Realities (Part I)
To what degree are fears of geopolitical chaos over water scarcity justified?

By Andrew Biro
5. How the U.S. Middle Class Became 10% Poorer
What does the OECD’s redefinition of the middle class reveal about the U.S. economy?

By Jacob Kirkegaard
6. Globalization, Americanization and Europeanization (Part I)
How well do the concepts of globalization, Americanization and Europeanization explain today’s world?

By Volker Berghahn
7. A Two-State Solution for Iraq? (Part I)
Could the best solution to the crisis in Iraq be to split the country in two?

By David Apgar
8. Inner Strength: U.S. Economic Competitiveness and the Lessons of Tonya Harding
What steps must be taken if the United States wants to redeem its role in global affairs?

By Bruce Jentleson
9. Increasing Risks to Aid Workers? (Part I)
What steps should the international community take to safeguard humanitarian relief work and workers in violent settings?

By Abby Stoddard
10. Why Bad Loans are Good for Africa
Why is the amount of lending China has committed to Africa so small?

By Lex Rieffel

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