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Managing Globalization More Prudently

Five principles for a better and more inclusive path forward on managing global issues.

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The New Globalists: The Road Ahead

As global economic activity shifts from the West, how will it change the world?

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The Silent Revolution Inside the IMF

The global balance of economic power is changing — and the IMF is changing right along with it.

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Europe and the Arab World in the 21st Century

Does more unite the Arab world and Europe than divides them?

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The United States of Latin America

In the aftermath of the economic crisis, could Latin America become a new world economic leader?

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Toward a New Economic Order?

What should be the key characteristics of the new global economic order?

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How China and India Really Operate in Africa

How are China and India using their “first mover” advantages to bring Africa into network trade?

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When Emerging Markets Lead the Way (Part VII)

How can better global governance foster more inclusive national democracies?

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Going Global or Going Democratic? (Part VI)

Can rich countries support supra-national supervision of their financial markets?

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Globalization and Grassroots Democracy (Part I)

How can Latin America guarantee that globalization translates into political equality for all citizens?

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