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Thomas Paine’s Agrarian Justice and John Locke

Both Locke and Paine sought to create a middle class.

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Guide to 2014: Global Issues

Our list of the top 10 issues facing the world in the coming year.

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Shenzhen: The 80s Generation Comes of Age

Life in the big city for a generation that grew up after the start of economic reforms.

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The Case for President Warren

How about a woman in the Oval Office who isn’t Hillary Clinton?

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The New Globalists: The Rise of Africa

What pulls an educated Zambia native home from New York?

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The New Globalists: The Road Ahead

As global economic activity shifts from the West, how will it change the world?

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Emerging Consumers: A Big Turning Point

The consumer class is on the rise globally. Why is earning $10 a day a global economic pivot point?

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The New Globalists: Meet the Transformers

Who are the faces of the rising global middle class?

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Not China, Not Japan, Not North Korea

What is the real concern of average South Koreans?

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Larry Summers and A Tale of Two Harvard Professors

Why can’t a smart man like Larry Summers bring even a bit of compassion and common humanity to his economic analyses?

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