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Germany and Japan: A Comeback Story

A strategic reflection 70 years after the end of WWII.

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The World’s New Thirty Years War

How to shape a coherent long-term Western strategy for the age of new global violence.

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Radek Sikorski: Truthteller in Action

A bold voice for a new direction in European foreign policy.

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The New Theology of (Global) Hope

Can Pope Francis save Venezuela’s soul?

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Food and Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic Cuisine

What can food teach us about global conflicts and creative diplomacy?

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TTIP: Getting Past “No”

To make TTIP a success, negotiators should embrace public involvement.

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The Meaning of Ukraine’s Big Weekend

Poland’s Sikorski unstoppable for top Brussels post; U.S.’s Nuland now in a chorus with Putin.

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“F*** the EU:” How Victoria Nuland Stirs the Pot in Ukraine

What really caused the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe to speak her mind so clearly?

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Asia’s Scramble for Africa: Who Woos Best?

China and Japan wage a charm offensive to win access to Africa’s resources.

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Repeating Collective Failure, Long After the Great War

Unrestrained climate change: 2014’s tragic answer to the epic, collective failure of 1914?

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