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Top Ten Globalist Features of 2008

What were our best features from 2008?

January 1, 2009

What were our best features from 2008?
1. The Subprime Crisis and Global Justice
Reflections on the U.S. subprime mortgage troubles and the Asian financial crisis of 1997.

By Martin Hüfner
2. Taking Stock of What’s Right With the U.S.
In a time of crisis, what elements of the U.S. economy remain strong?

By Joseph Quinlan
3. Acknowledging China
Should the United States and the EU do more to acknowledge China’s efforts on climate change and trade disputes?

By Jianxiong Zhang
4. Britain After a Decade of Labor: No Longer Rocking
Has Labor, as it claimed it would upon taking office in 1997, succeeded in making Britain a more equal society?

By Jacob Kirkegaard
5. No Drama Angela
Can Chancellor Angela Merkel maintain her “no-drama” approach to handling the Germany economy?

By Jackson Janes
6. The 401(k) Generation
How is the first generation of 401(k) retirees coping with the market downturn?

By Robert Lyle
7. Dangerous Economic Territory
Are politicians and voters forgetting the positive economic changes under globalization?

By David M. Smick
8. The Colorblind Generation
Is the United States witnessing its first truly colorblind generation?

By Nathan Richter
9. Dateline India: A Study in Irony
How does an Indian dessert staple reveal the ironies of contemporary Indian society?

By Ruchi Shukla
10. Confessions of a Global Conference-Trotter
Can online virtual environments offer a cost-effective alternative for conference attendees around the globe?

By David C. Wyld