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China’s Grand Design: Pivot to Eurasia

Eurasia is a large part of the world. In a few decades, it will be the principal driver of the global economy.

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Troubles at Walmart, IBM and the New American Century

America’s 20th century business icons are in trouble — but that’s no reason to worry.

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Puzzling Trends in the U.S. Labor Market

Can we really count on the labor market statistics we have?

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United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

The UNCITRAL comprises of 60 legal experts elected by the Assembly to represent all governments, drawing on both common law and civil law traditions.

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Wanted: A New Debt Deal for the World

Beyond just Argentina, it’s time to find a solution for how unpayable sovereign debts are fixed.

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Deforestation in Brazil: The China Factor

How Chinese trade and investment in Brazil are altering the power equation in Brazilian politics.

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Beyond Cuba: Washington’s Strategic Neglect of Latin America

Can the United States afford to integrate itself with Asia at the cost of Latin America?

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Volkswagen: When a German Company Plays With Fire

“Exciting” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of German business. But neither is “fraud.”

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The Frenchman Who Reshaped the IMF

Reflections on the work of Olivier, the IMF’s now retired chief economist.

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Rethinking the Uber Vs. Taxi Battle

How Uber could be part of the solution (instead of embroiled in controversy)

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