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Deforestation in Brazil: The China Factor

How Chinese trade and investment in Brazil are altering the power equation in Brazilian politics.

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Beyond Cuba: Washington’s Strategic Neglect of Latin America

Can the United States afford to integrate itself with Asia at the cost of Latin America?

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Volkswagen: When a German Company Plays With Fire

“Exciting” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of German business. But neither is “fraud.”

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The Frenchman Who Reshaped the IMF

Reflections on the work of Olivier, the IMF’s now retired chief economist.

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Rethinking the Uber Vs. Taxi Battle

How Uber could be part of the solution (instead of embroiled in controversy)

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Why the Fed Should Start Tightening

If the Fed wants to wait for economic circumstances that are perfectly balanced for a rate rise, that day might never come.

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Germany: A 10-Point Plan to Deal With the Immigration Challenge

What does it take to make sure that the immigrants now arriving are integrated in a sustainable manner?

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Germany’s Immigration Challenge

We have to make an honest assessment of costs and benefits of the migration crisis.

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Truly a New Economic Order

How to operate in a world shaped by a cost crash and a demand lull?

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Greece: The Syriza Dream is Over

With Tspirpas running out of luck, Krugman and Stiglitz have to find new political champions to promote the cause of economic self-destruction

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