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Mr. Obama: To Attack Inequality, Expand Vocational Training

The United States sends too many kids to college.

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Chelsea and Beyond: How the Rich Will Destroy Soccer

The excess of capital pouring into professional soccer will inevitably bring about its demise.

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Bolivia: Where Socialism Appears to Work

Bolivia’s remarkable example of advancing economic and social inclusion.

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Pity Poor Germany? Leadership Comes with Responsibility

How can an economy, which represents only 4.9% of global GDP, be so central to the global economic outlook?

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The Saudis Aren’t in Control of the Oil Market Any Longer

The brave new world where excess oil supply meets static demand.

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The Eurozone is About Tough Love

Help is available to countries in trouble – in exchange for meeting conditions.

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The ECB’s Battle With the Markets: Home Truths from the Eurozone

Amidst global stock market turmoil, what about Europe’s fundamentals?

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Nurses Urgently Needed: Another Critical Global Shortage

Why nurses need us to care.

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The New Washington Consensus? Deutschland Über Alles

The art of casting Germany both as chief villain and magic wand of the global economy.

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The Centennial Crisis Cycle and the Middle East

How the West is implicated in the current fires burning in the Middle East.

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