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How to Deal with China’s Acquisitions

The West should act with more confidence in dealing with China’s foreign direct investments.

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The Collapse of the Global Trading System

The notion that trade per se fosters peace and prosperity is fanciful.

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Trump: Business Corruption and a “Horrible Law”

Five steps U.S. corporations should take to create a fairer society in the age of globalization.

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The Plight Of China’s “Left Behind” Children

61 million children in China grow up effectively parentless. Imagine the consequences on their development.

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Rising Asia: Uneven Journey, Promising Future

Young Asians may not be wiser than older generations, but we share a more peace-oriented consensus.

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The Economics of Brexit: A German View

Why Germany will not expend too much energy on a favorable deal for the UK if it quits the EU.

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Jail the Corrupt! No More Impunity

From Brazil to Macedonia, from Iceland to Guatemala, public prosecutors are going after corrupt top politicians on an unprecedented scale.

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A New Era of U.S. Small Manufacturing Dawning?

The man who coined the term “emerging markets” now foresees a great future for “rustbelt” cities.

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Time for a Global Restart, But How?

It seems we are headed for a deflationary wave or a wave of hyperinflations. But there is an alternative.

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TTIP Rhetoric and Reality: Europe’s Regulations at Risk

The real agenda is not eliminating lingering trade barriers, but compelling downward harmonization.

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