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Women and the Nobel Prize

Across all disciplines, only one in twenty Nobel recipients have been women.

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Nelson Mandela: Humanity’s Standard-Bearer

For a long time, Mandela’s name was merely worth a whisper. Yet what he stood for now reverberates across the world, loud and clear.

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The Democratization of Banking

Do we need to repeat the 19th-century savings bank movement for the 21st century?

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Europe’s Nobel and the Sine Wave of War

The European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize doen’t ensure peace in the future.

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Obama and Carter: Two U.S. Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize Compared

What are the differences between the last two U.S. Presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Financial Capitalism: A Safe Venue for Power Struggles Without Violence

Who still remembers that, before the advent of modern financial capitalism, power was wielded in much starker ways?

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The State of Finance: An Interim Assessment

What can be done so that financial capitalism is a source not of disasters, but of true human progress and democratization?

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The Vindication of Joe Stiglitz

Why is there a reasonable risk of another financial crisis within five to ten years?

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