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America’s Proposed TPP: Buyer Beware

Pacific-rim nations to get astonishingly small gains from the deal, while exposing themselves to high risks.

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East Asia Arms Race

How do the militarized nations of East Asia view each other?

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Advantage China: Putin’s Dangerous Crimea Precedent

Putin’s intervention in Crimea re-opens the door to territorial China’s claims on Russia

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Rethinking China’s Future Path

The Chinese economy in its current form may not be sustainable.

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Education: Thailand’s Real State of Emergency

Will Thailand’s elite finally extend education to the masses?

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How Are You, Asian Dream?

Is the vision of Asian unity just a mirage?

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War and Peace in Asia: There Are Always Choices

China is becoming a global power. Can it break the bellicose pattern set by all previous rising global powers?

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Beyond Economic Integration: European Lessons for Asia Pacific?

Economic integration alone does not suffice to keep a dependable peace.

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Europe 1914: Lessons for China and Japan in 2014

Avoiding geopolitical conflict and seeking justice and reconciliation.

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Asia’s Scramble for Africa: Who Woos Best?

China and Japan wage a charm offensive to win access to Africa’s resources.

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