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Will China be Able to Curb Adolescent Suicide?

Suicides rates soar in the face of China’s transformation. What can China do to reverse the trend?

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WWI and the United States: Woodrow Wilson’s Wisdom or Folly?

Would Europe have become a better place faster if the United States had not intervened in World War I?

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Travelogue: Singapore Utopia

The upright and welcoming jewel of Southeast Asia.

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Russia Pivots To Asia

The Russia-China Energy Agreement Is the world’s largest commercial deal ever.

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Finger-Wagging Over Asian Health Risks

Premiums for health risks could move Asia toward a better habitat, but a tenser trade environment.

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Asia Searches for Its Path to the Future

The example of the Western world offers only very limited guidance to resolve Asian countries’ domestic conflicts.

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The New Vietnam War

Global ironies in Asia’s continuing struggle for national independence, now against China.

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Where China Truly Innovates

The old truism of Chinese copycatting no longer applies in the online world.

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The Growing Regional Divide in India

Regionalism may triumph in India as it did in Germany, changing the face of Indian democracy.

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India at the Polls

A real question arises: Do national elections get Indians any viable results?

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