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Ukraine: Cancel the Presidential Election! (It’s The Wrong Kind)

The May 25 presidential election does not matter. Ukraine needs a well-balanced parliamentary system.

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Europe: How to Stabilize Ukraine

Focusing on three things – jobs, trade and free travel – can work wonders.

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Ukraine’s “Success Trap”

Within five to ten years, Ukraine will be a largely renewed country with less corruption and stronger rule of law than today. But Putin & Co. remain a big risk factor.

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Ukraine: From Orange Revolution to Political Purgatory

With the imprisonment of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko staining its global reputation, can Ukraine find a way out of its political purgatory?

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A Test for Ukraine’s Democracy

Is Ukraine in danger of seeing its recent democratic gains slip away?

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Ukraine’s Energy Future

Ukraine’s economic freedom depends more on its energy freedom than on any other single factor.

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Ukraine: Russia's Day After

Can the West help Russia adapt to new realities?

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Ukraine, the West and a Dead End

What the West must do so that a reformed Ukraine can survive in the face of a continuing Russian threat.

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Ukraine: Making up for Past Leadership Failures

With May 25 elections looming, Ukraine has a historic opportunity to avoid history repeating itself.

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Kiev's Next Image Problem: The Rise of the Far Right

Would Ukraine be more at home in the Russian Federation rather than the European Union?

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