Michael J. Brenner

Michael Brenner is Professor Emeritus of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.

Americans’ Moby Dick: The 21st Century Edition

The “War On Terror” is entering its 16th year. But why does it have such a hold over Americans’ lives, culture and politics?

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Trump’s New “The Apprentice” Mega Show

At this point, the U.S. President-elect would do a better job filling his administration if he made the selection a reality show.

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Trump Vs. the US: Four Months That Changed the World

How Donald Trump got to the White House via the courts – and the amazing things that happened next.

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Silicon Valley: A Close-Up

Is Silicon Valley the 21st century American equivalent of the inferno/purgatory? Or of paradise?

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Capo Trump’s Farewell to the American People

A preview copy of the failed Republican Presidential candidate’s November 9, 2016 speech, from the pages of Vanity Affairs magazine.

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Destiny Lost? Trump and a US Off Its Moorings

Does criticizing and downplaying other nations help Americans feel better about themselves?

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Is Hillary Clinton a Warmonger?

A closer review of Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy experience and tendencies.

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Daumier, The Satirist

In contemporary America, Daumier could have had a field day.

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The United States of Emotions

Why U.S. foreign policy has such a mixed record, in the Middle East and beyond.

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Understanding Saudi Arabia: The Legitimacy Paradox

To retain their royal power, the House of Saud is prepared to take the world down with them.

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