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Lincoln, FDR and Sizing Up Donald Trump

What are the keys to wartime presidential leadership?

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The War That Never Ended

The American Civil War – then and now: A reflection 50 years after Martin Luther King’s death.

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2016 or 1865? When Did the Republican Party Really Die?

Donald Trump is one of the crasser manifestations of the Republicans’ unperturbed selfishness and hucksterism.

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1913-2013: How Russia Botched an Entire Century

Could Russia have been as successful as the United States?

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National Security and Climate Change

Americans are loath to take action on climate change. Will they be more open-minded when the issue is cast national security terms?

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America’s Bismarck: How Lincoln Created Industrial America

Do Americans — who have a conflicted attitude toward government — realize the economic power that Abraham Lincoln wielded?

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America’s Enduring Advantages

How will the United States deal with the fissures created by globalization and meritocracy?

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1860 and the Challenges of the Future (Part I)

What similarities emerge between the U.S. economy of today and that of 1860?

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The U.S. Federal Budget and Civil Imbalances

What will be the central challenge facing the next U.S. president as the budget grows tight?

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