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Greece: A Tale of Three Referendums

Europe is telling the Swiss, Greeks and the British to either live by the rules — or else…

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Mr. Juncker’s New Commission: Good for Europe’s Future?

The new EU Commission looks good, but national governments remain in charge in Europe.

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Rome Fiddles While Europe Burns

Why Federica Mogherini’s selection falls far short of what the EU needs

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From Sarajevo to Brussels: The Big Picture

The European Union helped to create a grand European peace.

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The Global Rise of a Regulatory Superstate in Europe

How does Europe exercise world power? Isn’t doing it away from military battlefields a truly modern form of global leadership?

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Air Travel and Global Warming: Where the EU Is Leading

Has the EU found a way to get consumers to bear more of the environmental costs of flying?

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In Memoriam: Tony Judt on the Future of Decadent Europe

Could Europe’s social welfare system actually provide political and economic stability to the continent?

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How the EU Really Works

Does the EU facilitate domestic politics in Europe?

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The EU — What Is It?

How will the EU shape Europe’s future — and influence global politics?

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