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Donald Trump’s 40-Year Shadow

It will take future Democrats large majorities, luck and sustained effort to undo the national and global damage imposed by the Trump administration.

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Trump and the Neocons: Doing the Unilateralist Waltz

The neocon factor dramatically changes the interpretation of the Trump administration’s unilateralist international economic policy chatter.

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The Real Reasons for Trump’s Anti-Globalization Circus

Trumponomics: How Trump skillfully used anti-globalization as bait to cover up his extremely neoliberal switch.

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Turkey and the United States: At Loggerheads

Unlike Trump, Erdogan does know what he wants – but, like Trump, he can’t get there.

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The Trump House: Season 5

Is it season 5 already? Have we really milked it this much? Yes and hell yes!

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Mr. Trump: Focus on China

American worker’s prosperity depends on it.

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The Trump in All of Us

Trump’s White House resembles rowdy free play in the schoolyard under a substitute teacher. The world is at risk.

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Trump and China: Risking a Middle East Arms Race

The United States and China both cozying up to Saudi Arabia (and irritating Iran) could mean global trouble.

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The U.S. Diplomatic Dangles Toward Iran

How the U.S. government constantly cozies up to Saudi Arabia.

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A (Global) March for Science Against Trump’s “War on Science”

Trump has had a noticeable effect on scientific institutions. To prevent being slaughtered by him one by one, they are getting politically active.

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