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A Christian’s Questions for Trump’s Evangelical Voters

Should we as Christians support an egocentric president who seeks to rally support by dividing Americans into enemy camps?

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US: Drain the Swamp? Forget It!

The rot needs to stop if public trust in government, already at a low, is to be restored. But the prospects for constructive reforms are poor.

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Learning from Our “Youngers”

If young people ran the world, what issues would they focus on?

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Individualism and Civility: 2012 Reflections on de Tocqueville’s 1831 America

Do Americans still do justice to the ideals of individualism that Alexis de Tocqueville believed were embodied by U.S. society?

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Business Education in the Era of Globalization

What do business schools need to do to prepare business leaders in the 21st century?

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The Bob Woodward Peep Show

Do the U.S. media absolve themselves through Bob Woodward’s latest book for having failed to do their job?

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Escape to Mars?

If humankind decides to colonize Mars, what practical and ethical questions will need to be decided?

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The U.S. Media and Global Respect

Is the U.S. media such an opinion-shaping force it believes itself to be?

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