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Europe Needs to Take a Chill Pill

A controlled unwinding of the euro might offer material economic benefits to many members of the Eurozone.

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Italy: Snap Elections in Late September?

Is Renzi putting his personal electoral interests over those of his country? And will his gamble pay off?

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Italy: 60% Risk That Renzi Loses

Despite potential referendum loss, risk of new elections, bigger political upheaval or Italy leaving the euro is quite low.

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The Italian-German Banking Disease

Economically, Italy and Germany seem worlds apart. Why then are the two countries’ banks both facing a deep crisis?

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UK: Currency Markets and the Price of Independence

It is clear that Britain will not join the Euro – not now and probably not ever.

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Greece: A Tale of Three Referendums

Europe is telling the Swiss, Greeks and the British to either live by the rules — or else…

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After Greece: Germany and Europe On the Ruins of Multiple Illusions

High time for more realism and a fundamental rethink of European structures.

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Eurozone: The Battle Over What Solidarity Means

Are two divergent economic cultures clashing inside the Eurozone?

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Germany as the Euro’s Real Loser: 10 Reasons

Why the average German is the main loser in the Eurozone.

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The Greek Dilemma

The “Big Fix” for Greece and how not to waste a good crisis.

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