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How Putin’s Leverage Shaped the Syrian Ceasefire

On Syria, Russia’s President Putin is having his way not just vis-à-vis Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but also the United States.

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How to Succeed in Nuclear Talks With Iran

A nuclear deal with Iran would give the United States four major strategic advantages.

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Kerry’s Political Theater in Afghanistan

The power sharing agreement in Afghanistan has no basis in law or popular support.

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U.S.-Russia: Seeking Salvation in Sanctions

U.S. foreign policy is driven by acts of symbolism. When they fail, the U.S. is quick to blame others.

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Averting Another U.S. Foreign Policy Disaster

Is there a way out of the box President Obama has built for himself, while strengthening the fight against international despots?

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U.S. Into Syria: Six Key Mysteries

What happens when a bunch of former senators run U.S. foreign policy?

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Selective Morality and Syria

A case against a U.S. attack in Syria — and a path forward.

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Hillary Clinton and the Art of Defending American Power Linguistically

Why are even America’s self-acclaimed liberal internationalists still so keen on being top dog? Will John Kerry follow in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps on this issue?

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Kerry’s Rookie Mistake?

Is the Obama Administration grooming John Kerry to be the next U.S. Secretary of State?

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Iran and Intelligent Opposition

Are U.S. intelligence services a more effective counterweight to the Bush Administration than the U.S. Congress?

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