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Healthcare Lessons for the Post-Corona World

Unlike the fallout from the 2008/9 global financial crisis, improving the healthcare sectors across the world should not retard economic growth.

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COVID 19: Reflections on the “War” Analogy

Rhetoric aside, what are the analytical parallels – and differences — between today’s extraordinary pandemic-related economic policies and the circumstances during or after a major war?

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The Jobs Market: Advantage US or Germany?

Different strategies for making the jobs market great again.

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Brexit: Lower Immigration = Lower Growth

The uncertainty around Brexit is worsening the UK migration balance with the EU. This can have negative consequences for the British labor market.

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EU Unemployment Reinsurance: Olaf Scholz`s Trial Balloon

Establishing a European Unemployment Reinsurance Fund carries the risk that it might be used to circumvent unpopular national-level decisions on structural reforms.

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German Lessons for Britain on EU Workers’ Freedom of Movement

It is ludicrous to blame Angela Merkel’s refugee policies for strengthening the Brexit vote. The wave of xenophobia was the result of the UK’s own administrative ineptitude.

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Disappearing Jobs? Our Thomas Paine Moment

As automation eliminates jobs, Paine’s proposal to share wealth from the commons shows a way forward.

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Memo to U.S. Democrats on Upcoming Trade Deals

U.S. workers could be big winners in the current trade talks.

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Bridging the Gender Gap

Does Islam really limit the opportunities and achievements of women?

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Japan: Where Leaning In Isn’t Enough

Japan has to bring about a change in the national psyche about women and work.

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