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Singapore’s 2020 Election: Political Renewal Ahead

Singapore faces a Catch-22: Its well-honed system of leadership renewal relying on capable technocratic candidates is reaching its limits.

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Lee Kuan Yew’s Two Houses

Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy goes far beyond his house.

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Singapore Elections: All Sunshine for the PAP?

Despite an impressive election victory for the popular prime minister, Singapore’s politics is becoming more nuanced.

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Dazzling Singapore’s Deep Contradictions

The clean veneer surrounding Singapore starts to show cracks.

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Fighting the War Against Terrorism: The View From Singapore

Can the key to fighting terrorism lie with who delivers the message?

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Singapore’s Leader on Asia’s Future

What does Asia need to do to keep peace internally and stay competitive globally?

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United States, China, India and the Future

Do other countries perceive the growth of China and India as a positive development?

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