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Italy: Libya’s Former Colonial Master

Did years of painful colonial rule by the Italians shape Libya’s relationship with the West today?

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Bernard-Henri Lévy: A False Prophet

The man who gave us the disaster of Libya is no help against Brexit.

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South Sudan: Losing the Last Vestiges of Our Moral Fabric

“Never again,” adopted in the wake of the Second World War, has become nothing but an empty slogan in South Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

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Libya: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and the Ghost of Rwanda

Libya receives very little attention these days. Why did the international community collectively go wrong?

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The Continuing Syrian Tragedy

Continuing violence in Syria is the most severe indictment of the international community’s ability to provide for peace and security.

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Libya Bombing Revisited: Two Men and World History

A reflection on Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s former Foreign Minister, who just passed away.

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France and the West: Inconvenient Questions

Action-reaction patterns in the November 13 terrorist attack in Paris.

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Sunny London Sunday… and Other Satanic Verses

Calls for still more military action against Syria? We have been here before… Too many times.

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Tunisia: Britain to Blame?

Can Tunisia really blame the NATO campaign in Libya for its current troubles?

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More Geopolitical Fumbles by the United States

U.S. bombing, reluctant Arab friends and ill trained Iraqi troops to save the world?

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