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Brazil and Turkey: The Global Middle Class Rises

Why are Brazil and Turkey both facing mass protests right now? What makes the two cases similar and what makes them different?

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Occupy Wall Street and America’s Un-Representative Democracy

How do Egyptians, Iranians and Chinese look at the way U.S. authorities are handling the Wall Street protests?

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Financial Markets as the New WMDs

Why do armies and weapons pale in comparison to the financial markets as threats to a country's sovereignty?

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A Brief History of Cheap Labor

How was cheap labor key to turning Britain, Germany and the United States into industrial powers?

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What Chile’s Student Protests Can Teach the United States

Will U.S. students take a page from their Chilean brethren and protest the high cost of college education?

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Brazil as a Role Model for Latin America (Part IV)

Why has quality of life improved in Brazil over the last two decades?

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Running on Steroids: A False Economic Recovery

What underlying problems threaten the nascent U.S. economic recovery?

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Connecting Tiananmen and Tehran

How do China’s past instances of civil unrest compare with Iran’s current situation?

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Weathering the Storm in Brazil

Why is Brazil’s recent economic development so unique?

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The Beautiful Tree

Is primary education easily available to the lower classes of the population in India?

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