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Infographic: The World — 10 Stunning Facts

10 stunning facts about the amazing world we live in.

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Donald Trump: The Nigerian Scammer

The tools President Donald Trump uses to build his electoral base and to keep it intact are borrowed from Nigerian scammers.

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Closing Africa’s Tax Revenue Gap

African countries lose more than $50 billion each year to illegal financial outflows, mostly through tax avoidance and evasion.

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One Country, More than 800 Languages

What are the three most linguistically-diverse countries today?

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Mugabe Out: Cameroon’s Leader is Now Africa’s Second-Longest Ruling

Cameroon’s Paul Biya now takes the place of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe as Africa’s second-longest ruling leader.

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Zimbabwe’s Tailspin: The Lessons for Africa

Once upon a time, Zimbabwe was a country that all of us looked up to as how post-liberation Africa could look like.

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The Problem with Counting Nigerians

How large is the Nigerian population really? Nobody knows for sure.

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How Nigeria Defeated Wild Polio

A push to vaccinate 45 million children, despite Boko Haram’s brutal insurgency, pushed Nigeria off the endemic list.

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Nigeria’s Buhari: Slow But Steady Wins the Race

Under its new president, Nigeria’s economic horizon will become clear soon.

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Can Nigeria Finally Turn the Corner?

Africa’s largest economy ranks among the hardest places to do business.

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