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Mahatma Gandhi: A Peaceful, Ignoble Oversight?

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday, we ask why Mahatma Gandhi was never awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Nelson Mandela: Humanity’s Standard-Bearer

For a long time, Mandela’s name was merely worth a whisper. Yet what he stood for now reverberates across the world, loud and clear.

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Europe’s Nobel and the Sine Wave of War

The European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize doen’t ensure peace in the future.

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Imagining a Post-Military World (Part II)

Shouldn’t international financial aid be given first to countries that spend more on their people than on their militaries?

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Obama and Carter: Two U.S. Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize Compared

What are the differences between the last two U.S. Presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Toward African Leadership

According to Liberia’s president, what kind of leadership does her continent need?

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After Maathai: Women Taking Charge to Save the Environment

How does the legacy of the late Nobel Prize-winning environmentalist Wangari Maathai live on?

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Euro Crisis: Economic Turmoil, Political Backlash

How is the global economic crisis generating a political backlash — even in the prosperous core of the eurozone?

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The Top Headlines of 2010

How did the world’s major events in 2010 look to the headline writers?

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Frontlines of Democracy: Does China Protest?

In the absence of democracy, how do Chinese citizens convey their frustrations to the government?

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