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The World’s Longest-Ruling Strongman

After Mugabe’s exit, Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang remains unchallenged for the title of the world’s longest ruling dictator.

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The Destabilizing Effect of Cheap Oil

oil well

The fall in the value of oil has far reaching knock-on effects.

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The Middle East’s Voracious Appetite for Energy

Is it possible that Saudi Arabia could one day become a net importer of oil?

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Iran, Oil and U.S. Electoral Politics

Are U.S. energy and foreign policy objectives at odds with the electoral strategies of the presidential candidates?

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Libya, Globalization and Oil

How has the United States surrendered some of its sovereignty to the oil markets?

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President Obama, Declare Independence from Oil

Why is now the right time to free the United States from Middle Eastern oil?

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Egypt and the Global Oil Market: Geopolitics Is Back

Markets are extraordinarily bad at getting political risk right — and the Egypt crisis is no exception.

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The U.S. Declaration of (Energy) Independence

How might America's Founding Fathers declare U.S. independence from oil?

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After the $147-Barrel Bubble (Part I)

What lessons should oil-producing states learn from the recent volatility in oil prices?

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Inconvenient Geopolitical Truths

What does politics have to do with oil markets?

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