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Chad: How China Created an African Power

How Chinese investment made Chad a vital Central African military ally of the West.

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Chinese Peacekeepers in Africa?

Will China step up in South Sudan’s crisis?

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It’s Sunny in Nicosia — Why Not in Jerusalem?

What would it take to create an environment of Cyprus-like co-existence in the Holy Land?

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Will UN Peacekeeping Fall Victim to Budget Cuts?

Is United Nations peacekeeping fading away as a result of budget cuts — or are we just settling into a new normal?

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American Power and the Fall of Modernity (Part III)

What will the future of governance look like?

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First Lehman Brothers, Next Liberia?

Why is continued funding for fragile states still crucial, even in the midst of the financial crisis?

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An Opening for Peacekeepers in Israel?

Is Israel finally overcoming its objections to international peacekeepers?

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Europe’s Peacekeeping Nightmares

How will Europe react to the changing nature of its peacekeeping role?

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Who Will Lead Liberia?

How can Liberia overcome its past to move toward stability and democracy?

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Adieu to U.S. Unilateralism?

Has the transatlantic alliance finally reemerged after two years of tension?

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