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An Outbreak of Ethics in Silicon Valley?

The companies and employees of the firms that are creating AI-based surveillance technologies are no longer on the side-lines.

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US: Government by the Military?

Is the role of the Pentagon and its former brass under Trump similar to the former KGB in post-Soviet Russia?

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Is China Playing With American Fire?

Could such sensitive issues as Muslim relations, maritime activities and international investments tip the United States and China into greater enmity?

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The U.S. Military and China as Environmental Soul Mates

Is an unlikely bond forming between the United States and China when it comes to the environment?

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The Myth of Permanent U.S. Global Dominance

What mistakes have U.S. policymakers made when dealing with China and India?

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Integrity and Fiscal Stimulus

How can governments prevent the siphoning of public funds for private gain?

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America in Afghanistan: Lessons from Iraq (Part II)

What lessons does the United States need to learn from Iraq so as not to waste taxpayer money in Afghanistan?

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The Price of Liberty

Could the United States have avoided the recession by making better decisions about the economy?

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The U.S. Challenge in the Middle East

Will the United States be able to improve the Middle East's position in the global economy?

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Bold, Blonde — and Not Dumb

Has the “dumb blonde” stereotype been exploded by some recent critics of the Iraq war?

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