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Mariusz Handzlik: In Memoriam

The late Mariusz Handzlik, diplomatic advisor to President Lech Kaczyński, served Poland with boundless energy. He died in the presidential plane on April 10, 2010 en route to Smolensk. He is sorely missed.

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The Other June 4, 1989

How the events in Tiananmen Square drove the first free election in Eastern Europe from front pages around the world.

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Freeing Poland From the Shackles of Its Debt Mountain

The story of how the transatlantic partners collaborated to help Poland secure a stable future.

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Radek Sikorski: Europe’s Next Top Diplomat?

Why Poland’s foreign minister should become Europe’s new foreign policy chief.

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The EU Saved Poland from Ukraine’s Fate

Russia’s “pacification” policies stand in complete contrast to the EU’s strategy – and results.

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Venezuela Today Vs. the Polish Liberation Episode

Pope Francis and John Paul II are both transformative figures.

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The New Europe: A Wobbly France Is Rebalanced by a Strong Poland

In the new Europe, alliances are thankfully built on performance and competence, not tradition and habit.

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What Poland Asks of Germany (and Britain)

In the eyes of Poland, why has Germany become Europe's indispensable nation?

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An American in Poland, Anno 1983: Return to the West (Part V)

After viewing a country under oppressive Soviet rule, what impressions would an American student take back home?

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An American in Poland, Anno 1983: In Warsaw (Part IV)

What kind of restrictions were placed on the Polish people in 1983?

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