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Overcoming the Gulf in U.S. and European Business “Civilizations”

Reflections on Europe’s strategy toward global business.

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Mr. Obama, Stop the Privatization of U.S. Intelligence!

Why the U.S. Congress must not turn a fundamental government responsibility over to the private sector.

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Beyond NSA Spying: The Transatlantic Culture Gap

The Guardian op-ed by Stephan Richter and Jan Philipp Albrecht: What can be done to deter U.S. spying in Europe?

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The Double-Faced Digital Revolution

Until now we, as simple “users,” have given little thought to where this profound technical change will lead us.

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Mexico & Brazil: Why U.S. Spying Stings So Much

After the NSA snooping, why are politicians and citizens all across Latin America so dismayed?

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Data Privacy: When Angela Merkel Leads From Behind

How the German Chancellor turns big political crises into major reforms. After the NSA scandal, it’s data privacy.

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The Snowden Case: About More Than Leaking

Wherever one stands on the Snowden issue, it is high time to reassess the United States’ level of civic participation.

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Transatlantic Trade: Data Privacy First

How might the NSA scandal help the EU land a win on data privacy in trade talks with the United States?

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