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China in My Life — China in the 21st Century

Are the Beijing Olympics a pinnacle of China’s rise — or a pitfall?

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The Need for Hard Diplomacy

The need for professional diplomacy has never been greater, even in an era of softer “cultural diplomacy.”

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Soft Power Doesn’t Exist

A decade after “soft power” came to the fore, it is time to assess its effectiveness.

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China’s New Cultural Counter-Revolution

Remember the times when peasants, not the proletariat, were the vanguards of China’s communist revolution?

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How Power Really Works in the 21st Century: Beyond Soft, Hard & Smart

Has the ubiquitous concept of “soft power” outlived its usefulness in international affairs?

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U.S. Message to the BRICS: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Is “soft power” just a friendlier-sounding way for the United States to dominate the world?

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China’s New Doctrine: Mental Power for Uncertain Times

How does the concept of “mental power” provide a useful prism through which to view U.S.-China affairs?

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Obama, Europe and the Inevitable

What does Europe’s embrace of Barack Obama mean for transatlantic relations?

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Globalization, Americanization and Europeanization (Part II)

How did the wars of the 20th century influence the trends of globalization, Americanization and Europeanization?

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America’s Rogue Global Image and Booming U.S. Earnings

What explains booming U.S. global earnings in the face of America’s battered world image?

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