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8 Facts on India’s Literacy Problem

Indian women account for one of every four illiterate adults worldwide.

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The Growing Regional Divide in India

Regionalism may triumph in India as it did in Germany, changing the face of Indian democracy.

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India at the Polls

A real question arises: Do national elections get Indians any viable results?

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America and India: So Much in Common

The world’s two largest democracies are engaged in plenty of unnecessary strife.

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How Are You, Asian Dream?

Is the vision of Asian unity just a mirage?

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Energy Security: Asia’s Achilles Heel

What is the weakest point in the geopolitical rise of Asia — and what are the rising nations doing to fix it?

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Pakistan: Land of the Pure, Land of Perfidy

Can Pakistan be persuaded to stop supporting insurgents — and thereby not nullifying U.S. progress in Afghanistan since 2010?

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Mumbai Terror’s Pakistani Trail

Why are the recent Mumbai attacks a nasty byproduct of internecine churning within the Pakistani military?

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The Uncertain Future: The World in 2111 (Part I)

What transformations will the world undergo over the next century?

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The Seven Global Economic Spheres of 2020

What will the world’s economic landscape look like in 2020?

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