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India and China: 1962 as a Turning Point

A history retold about India and China from 1949 to 1962, a formative and yet self-destructive phase in a troubled relationship.

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Western Europe: The Fastest-Closing Gender Gap

Which world regions have the widest gender gaps and which are closing slowest?

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Pakistan’s Shrinking Liberal Minority

Caught between Western-backed illiberal authoritarians and anti-Western religious fanatics, liberalism is under siege

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Iran: An Important Player for South Asia

Building a relationship with Iran is valuable for India. Will Pakistan try too?

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The Indo-Pacific Century

Will Sri Lanka be the flagship nation of a new dynamic?

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Japan’s Effort to Counter China’s Silk Road

The increasing economic presence of Japan in both South Asia and South East Asia provides a counterweight to China.

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How China and India May Come to Blows

Why could there be war between these two most populous countries in the world?

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Deaf Ears: India and the “Islamic State”

A new priority for Indian foreign policy.

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Sri Lanka’s Rainbow Revolution

First step towards lasting peace?

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is often overlooked among the South Asian nations. Here are eight reasons it shouldn’t be.

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