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Trump: The Very Selective Corruption Fighter

U.S. President Donald Trump claims he cares about corruption in Ukraine…but not Hungary and Turkey?

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UK Voters: Look to Turkey and Hungary!

Just not as smart as the Italians, the Turks or the Hungarians: Reflections on the relative immaturity of Britain’s political system.

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There Goes Viktor Orban Again

Hungary’s Viktor Orban isn’t a defender of anybody’s rights. He is an unvarnished unilateralist and, like Putin, a world-class cynic.

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Trump Destructivism: Way Beyond Russia

For all the attention currently paid to Russia, let us not forget the long list of other places in the world where the current government of the United States has not been upholding the causes of political freedom, democracy and national sovereignty.

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Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Europe’s Flame Thrower

How Viktor Orban rides the populist wave against Muslim “invaders.”

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Strange Bedfellows: Hungary Leans Toward Russia

Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin as cross-ideological autocratic allies.

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Snow and Politics in Hungary

Can a freak snowstorm show a Central European nation how to get along with its neighbors?

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