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After Paris: Long Cycles in Politics and History

The world still awaits a resolution of the end of the Ottoman Empire, Caliphate or not.

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From Sarajevo to Brussels: The Big Picture

The European Union helped to create a grand European peace.

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Twentieth Century Milestones in 2014

Can we use the milestones and guideposts of the past century to deal with current choices?

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Repeating Collective Failure, Long After the Great War

Unrestrained climate change: 2014’s tragic answer to the epic, collective failure of 1914?

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U.S. Debt Ceiling and Default? Blame the Germans!

Why not use the historical roots of the debt ceiling to shift the blame?

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1913-2013: How Russia Botched an Entire Century

Could Russia have been as successful as the United States?

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1913: Population Growth and Imperial Ambitions

Did population growth help create the scenario for the first World War?

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Is Europe’s Complacency America’s Fault?

Is Europe stuck in its economic ways because the United States protected it from harsh global realities for too long?

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The Balkans: Europe’s Soft Underbelly

Can Europe prosper while ignoring the Balkans? Anyone remember what triggered the first world war?

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Readying Europe for This Global Age

Does Sweden’s Foreign Minister see Europe as ready to do its part to contribute to global prosperity and stability?

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