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Will the Bourgeoisie Ever Rule in China?

Applying Marx’s theories to today’s Communist China.

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Has China Got It All Figured Out?

It’s not at all clear that China’s Communist Party has found a better model of governance. Faster? Yes. Better? That depends what price you’re willing to pay.

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China’s Term-Limit Rollback

Post-Mao term limits became important when China’s presidency took on the country’s lead role, but Xi Jinping is ending them.

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The End of an American’s China Dream

Foreign residents of China should never assume their passports will exempt them from forced eviction.

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5G: China’s Dream to Dominate World Technology

The China threat and the U.S.-European convergence of interests.

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When the Saudis Need Cash

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to sell shares in state-owned oil giant Aramco to fund the grandiose reinvention of Saudi Arabia.

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Anti-Corruption: Saudis Use China’s Playbook

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is playing the corruption card to strengthen his control over the country.

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Trump and America’s China Problem

While the U.S. President grandstands, the Chinese leadership changes global power dynamics – by stealing a page from American history.

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Social Media in China: The Great Distraction

Worried about social media helping to create popular movements, China runs an elaborate system of censorship and manipulation.

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Quo Vadis, China?

Under Xi Jinping, will China opt for a “new totalitarianism,” the current “hard authoritarianism,” turn back to a sort of “soft authoritarianism” or move toward a “semi-democracy”?

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