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What are India’s biggest challenges?


  • The Globalist's top 10 articles on India in 2014.

[ 1 ] Visiting India? Battling a Kafkaesque Bureaucracy

By Stephan Richter | Reflections on the amazing difficulties of obtaining a visa to India.

Published on November 24, 2014

[ 2 ] Modi and Jokowi: Why the World Should Take Notice

By Pallavi Aiyar | Comparing the leaders of the world’s largest and third-largest democracies.

Published on October 18, 2014

[ 3 ] Modi and Obama: A Study in Parallels By Stephan Richter | Obama’s case in the U.S. suggests caution is warranted regarding the current hype about India’s one-man show.

Published on September 29, 2014

[ 4 ] Anti-Corruption Fight in China: How India Undermines Progress

By Stephan Richter | India has a free press and elections — but even more corruption than China.

Published on August 5, 2014

[ 5 ] India as an Inspiration for Europe?

By Pallavi Aiyar | What can India teach the EU regarding the key challenges it faces?

Published on May 18, 2014

[ 6 ] Make in India! But Can India Make It?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann | Reflections on the Post-Indian-Visa-Application-Stress-Syndrome.

Published on November 29, 2014

[ 7 ] India to the World: Visa Reciprocity, Please?

By Rahul Venkit | Should nations engage in visa wars or just practice fairness?

Published on November 30, 2014

[ 8 ] The Growing Regional Divide in India

By Raimund Grafe | Regionalism may triumph in India as it did in Germany, changing the face of Indian democracy.

Published on May 15, 2014

[ 9 ] India at the Polls

By Satish Tandon | A real question arises: Do national elections get Indians any viable results?

Published on May 13, 2014

[ 10 ] India: Combating Poverty With Technology?

By Lydia Powell | Can tech-based solutions, like a new national identity card system, really fix India’s poverty challenges?

Published on January 13, 2014

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