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Ukraine, the West and a Dead End

What the West must do so that a reformed Ukraine can survive in the face of a continuing Russian threat.

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Ukraine’s “Success Trap”

Within five to ten years, Ukraine will be a largely renewed country with less corruption and stronger rule of law than today. But Putin & Co. remain a big risk factor.

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Can Ukraine Save Itself?

Ukraine’s road to justice and economic inclusion is as complex as the path of the U.S. civil rights movement.

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Ukraine: Why the West Must Be Flexible

Focusing on deterring Russia will not safeguard Ukraine’s future.

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Why Moldova Won’t be Russia’s Next Target

How Russian pressure on Moldova has given the EU a chance to prove itself as an economic partner.

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Polish Lessons for the Ukrainian Economy

Can Ukraine fix its dire economic situation by taking lessons from Poland?

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Quo Vadis, Putin? An Answer in Five Points

Reflections on Putin and Russian domestic politics.

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Vladimir Putin: The Antithesis of a Success Story

The annexation of Crimea may remain Putin’s only success in his Cold War against the United States.

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“Ruxit” is Real: Russia’s Exit from Europe

Putin’s Russia never really wanted to be of Europe. Now, it doesn’t even want to be with Europe.

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The Transatlantic Battle Over Ukraine

Comparing the 2015 disagreement over Ukraine with the 2003 spat over Iraq.

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