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What the Ukraine Invasion Means for the Middle East

Turkey, Israel and Syria have been playing a complex tightrope act balancing their international ties and commitments, while keeping a wary eye on Russia’s imperialistic designs.

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The World and Russia After Putin

Russia Kremlin

Even if Russia were to still “win” the war, it will lose the peace. Regime change in Russia is not on the official agenda of the Western Alliance, but it seems a likely result.

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German Chancellor Scholz´s Churchill Moment?


Reflections on a speech by Olaf Scholz that might have moved Germany from a Putin enabler to a leading democratic force in Europe.

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Ukraine Scenarios for Putin and the World

What kind of Russian occupation – as in Afghanistan? Iraq? Abkhazia? Chechnya? Imagining the day after a Russian conquest of Kyiv is not a pretty picture – also not for Vladimir Putin.

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Europe’s New Hitler: Another Psychopath at Work

Vladimir Putin is a murderous despot: Why the West’s response to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine matters. And why we must deal firmly with his European enablers.

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Putin’s Pipedream and the Laws of Demography

What should the West do? Ukraine’s tough cards fighting Putin, why Russian mothers worry and the proper lessons from German history.

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Mr. Johnson, What Will the UK Do on Russia?

How serious is the UK government’s determination to act very firmly against Russian business interests in view of Putin’s constant transgressions?

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Russia-Ukraine: A Last Chance for Peace

Ukraine could offer to suspend its NATO candidacy for some time, but only in return for Russia’s withdrawal from Donbas.

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Why China Weighs in on Ukraine

China’s goal isn’t cuddling up to Russia. It is preventing NATO from interfering in the Indo-Pacific.

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Will Ukraine Be a Replay of Poland in 1939?

To prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO can’t rely on sanctions alone. History offers a clear message on appeasement.

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