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U.S. and Syria: Focus on the Saudi Factor

How terror attacks in Paris calls for revising U.S. policy in Syria.

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The West Should Unite to Crush ISIS

ISIS is now too powerful for the West to remain safe without commitment of large ground forces.

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Syria: Any Honest Broker?

A look at who is (or is not) invited forecasts how little it can do to end the war.

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The Martian: America’s Self-Delusion at its Silliest

The United States, capable of such a delusional self-image, deserves Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

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Jokowi and the Hopes for a More Dynamic Indonesia

Indonesia’s Troubled Trade Relationship with the United States.

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Indonesia: Why the US Needs to Pay Closer Attention

The United States needs to treat the unassuming Indonesian President Widodo with the attention due to his country.

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The “Blame Russia” Line Deflects From U.S. Blunder

Why the Obama administration won’t admit the real targets of Russian airstrikes.

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U.S. Refugee Policies

Do current U.S. refugee admissions match the crises?

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Syria and Iraq War Refugees: Very Few Allowed Into U.S.

How do recent U.S. refugee admissions from the Middle East compare to peer countries?

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Space Junk: The US Factor

A total of 5,182 cataloged objects in the orbit are attributable to the United States.

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