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Women in the U.S. Workforce

A declining share of American women are working.

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United States: Women as Voters and Politicians

U.S. women are more likely to vote than men.

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Evolving U.S. Families

The role of marriage and motherhood has changed in U.S. women’s lives.

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Beyond Brexit: Will the EU Fall?

While the dream of one Europe survives, the EU’s elites have been too impatient in pressing for it.

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Dumping Peanuts in Haiti

Stop calling “aid” what really is about supply management for US agricultural interests.

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Globalization’s Gluttony

A painting and poem by Anatol Zukerman.

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Why the West Misunderstands Russia’s Challenge

Looking past the bluster and hyperbole of Russia’s political leaders and business elites.

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The Trajectory of India-U.S. Relations

What will Modi accomplish during his upcoming visit to the United States?

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Duterte: The Making of a Philippines President

What can be expected of a prizefighter-turned-death-squad-mayor in the country’s top job?

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“Better Trump than Hillary”: Really?

Supporters of Trump today make the same devastating mistake as the French right in the 1930s.

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