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Race and Poverty in America

Half a century into the war on poverty in the United States, how are minorities faring?

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Hillary Clinton: Lacking Smarts, Principles or Both?

Hillary Clinton attacks Obama’s foreign policy — she would be better off emulating it

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From Ferguson to Manassas

Why is the United States behaving like a police state?

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The Five Deadly Sins of U.S. Foreign Policy

Is the United States starting to resemble the Middle East?

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America’s 50-Year War on Poverty: Who Has It Helped?

Which of the United States’ major racial groups has the highest poverty rate?

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African Americans: The State We’re In

What is the state of black America fifty years after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

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Kerry’s Political Theater in Afghanistan

The power sharing agreement in Afghanistan has no basis in law or popular support.

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The Dumbest U.S. Foreign Policy Question Asked This Century

What do U.S. politicians mean when they say they want to save Syria?

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What Stock Markets Tell Us About Russia

If economy is king, then Russia may be weaker than it seems.

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An End to Presidential Term Limits?

How modern U.S. politics incapacitates itself.

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