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How to Defeat Trump in the American Heartland

Hillary Clinton needs to become an advocate of German-style codetermination in order to break with the Obama legacy of stagnant wages.

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UK Trade Policy After Brexit: Are Open Markets Enough?

Making the most of the new UK government international trade strategies.

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Destiny Lost? Trump and a US Off Its Moorings

Does criticizing and downplaying other nations help Americans feel better about themselves?

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Paul Romer: Back to a U.S.-Dominated World Bank?

Choosing Romer as World Bank chief economist attempts to restore past U.S. dominance in development banking.

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Free Trade and Moral Hypocrisy

U.S. elites claiming moral superiority by demanding that other people do the sacrificing on trade issues is unprincipled hypocrisy.

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The Republican Party Richly Deserves Donald Trump

Rather than an outlier, Trump is the perfect front man for the “values” Republicans have been pursuing for well over a decade.

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Fighting Terrorists? Needed: More Effective Battle of Ideas

There are different kinds of terrorists. Understanding the variations could help stop them.

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Samantha Power and Henry Kissinger: Polar Opposites?

From the Balkans and Iraq to Libya: How important are morals in foreign policy making?

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U.S.: Police Warfare on Blacks Must Stop

U.S. police have to change their stance on black Americans.

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A New Fight Over Syria War Strategy

President Obama has signaled a willingness to cooperate with Russia on Syria, but hawks are fighting the shift.

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