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China: A Free Hand in the South China Sea?

Is Beijing’s maritime strategy sinking freedom of navigation In the South China Sea?

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The World’s Most Innovative Countries

Which countries contribute to global innovation? And which detract from it?

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Putin to Trump: Can They Survive “Internet Terror”?

Internet espionage as an equal opportunity discriminator.

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High Time for a Western Oil Strategy

Yes, we can boost global security and good governance.

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Trump and Palin: Is America Becoming an Oil Kleptocracy?

That such a substantial number of Americans want to see Trump as their president is an alarming signal.

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United States: Cruel and Unusual

There is a recent decline of capital punishment in one of the two remaining industrialized nations with the death penalty.

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That Eerie Feeling About Saudi Arabia

Is the Saudi monarchy echoing the final stages of the Shah’s monarchy in Iran?

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U.S. Economy: A Money Laundering Operation?

America is emerging as safe haven for the world’s super-rich and their money – honest and ill-gotten alike.

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American Security Policy After Obama

The final year will cap Obama’s global legacy, but also set the pace for his successor.

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Fear, American-Style

What lies beneath the fear-mongering in the U.S. Presidential elections?

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