Geoffrey Berlin

Geoffrey Berlin is a founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Ukraine Power Resources LLC.

Ukraine: From Orange Revolution to Political Purgatory

With the imprisonment of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko staining its global reputation, can Ukraine find a way out of its political purgatory?

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Catching Up to Kyoto: Obama and Cap-and-Trade

How will the Obama Administration move forward to make the United States a global leader on climate change?

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Dateline Ukraine: Investing in Climate Change

Do the “haves” of the world consider the environmental well-being of the “have nots” to be distinct from their own?

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Dateline Ukraine: The Yushchenko-Yanukovich-Tymoshenko Tango

Is Ukraine’s budding democracy in peril — just two years after the Orange Revolution?

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Ukraine’s Yushchenko Conundrum

What difficulties does Ukraine’s Viktor Yushchenko face in forming a new coalition after the March 2006 elections?

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A Test for Ukraine’s Democracy

Is Ukraine in danger of seeing its recent democratic gains slip away?

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