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The Impossible City: A Coming-of-Age Hong Kong Memoir

Karen Cheung’s first book charts the acceleration of a vanishing way of life in Hong Kong amid China’s creeping influence.

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Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from Space

A Japanese woman astronaut reflects on the pandemic

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The Moment When Japan Explodes, Each Year

Appreciating sakura in Japan

Reflections on Japan, a culture driven by hyper-accuracy and anticipatory nostalgia, and its obsession with the cherry blossom season.

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How Sgt. Pepper Arrived in Yugoslavia

Communist censorship kept Sgt. Pepper away from the ears of people behind the iron curtain.

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Ethiopia: Land of Edible Napkins

Ethiopia has an amazing ability to get things done, quite unusual in low-income countries.

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Global Texas: Homage to Austin

Will Austin’s growth sustain or demolish its fabled culture?

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On Top of India: The Neemrana Fort-Palace

A visit to one of the world’s most magical hotels.

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Water as the Oil of the 21st Century

Water, water everywhere … and nowhere.

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Travelogue: Singapore Utopia

The upright and welcoming jewel of Southeast Asia.

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It’s Memorial Day: Give Your Kid a Break

The SAT bores and tortures students – and has nothing to do with education.

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