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A Colombian Family is Reunited through Enterprise

Despite a rough run-in with paramilitary groups in Colombia, one man’s ambition reunites his family of 13.

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Bolivia’s Fair Trade Gold

A Fair Trade certified gold mine in Bolivia offers a sustainable solution to a typically exploitative industry.

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Adapt to Survive: Urban Flooding in the Philippines

Unable to afford relocation, residents of the flooded village of Artex are forced to adapt to survive.

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Singapore Goes Green

A unique urban farming project thrives in the heart of Singapore.

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Win-Win Entrepreneurship in Iran

An Iranian farmer has devised a way to both help nomads move their herds, and protect his farmland.

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New Beginnings in Timor-Leste

Improving educational standards in Timor-Leste is vital for its future success.

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Seizing Opportunity in Myanmar

A father and son leap to fill a needed role in the emerging market of Myanmar.

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Life Lessons in the Boxing Ring

George Khosi runs a boxing club in South Africa that aims to help local street kids.

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Mongolia: Challenges of Being a Transgender Teacher

Bureaucracy prevents Muugi, a transgender woman from Mongolia, from continuing her life as a teacher.

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Haiti: Rebuilding the Right Way

After the devastating earthquake in 2011, one Haitian civil engineer took it upon herself to rebuild Haiti the right way.

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