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Firsts in 2010

What “firsts” in economics, politics, technology and demographics occurred in 2010?

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Guide to 2014: Global Issues

Our list of the top 10 issues facing the world in the coming year.

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Ten Challenges Around the World in 2014

The Globalist identifies the biggest challenges facing some of the world’s leading countries in the coming year.

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The Globalist’s Top Books of 2013

Excerpts from the ten best books in our library this year.

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Pope Francis on Income Inequality

Excerpts from Pope Francis’s July 2013 speech on social justice and income inequality in Rio de Janeiro.

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By the Numbers: Time’s Person of the Year

Pope Francis is Time’s Person of the Year for 2013. How many other non-Americans have been honored?

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Nelson Mandela: 95 Years of Fighting for Peace

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013): freedom fighter, political prisoner, President of South Africa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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U.S.-China Relations: The Globalist’s Top Features

A look back at The Globalist’s recent articles on the U.S.-China relationship.

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The Globalist’s Top Ten Richter Scale Features of 2012

The Globalist looks back at the ten most insightful essays by our editor-in-chief, Stephan Richter.

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Reforming Global Finance: 2012 Highlights

The Globalist presents highlights from its Reforming Global Finance series.

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