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Germany – The Globalist’s Top 10 Features

October 3 was Germany’s national holiday, to commemorate the country’s reunification in 1990. We present 10 features.

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  • The Globalist's Top-10 features to commemorate the anniversary of German reunification.
  1. Germany’s Immigration Challenge

    By Daniel Stelter | We have to make an honest assessment of costs and benefits of the migration crisis.

  2. Germany=Geoeconomics, US=Geopolitics?

    By Stephen F. Szabo | Mercury or Mars? What separates Germany and the United States.

  3. Anti-Militarism: A Source of Modern German Confidence

    By Michael Vlahos | With nothing left to prove on battlefields, Germany can pursue other tasks and strategies.

  4. Germany: The Reluctant Leader of the New Europe

    By Stephen Green | Germany’s nuanced role as the new leader of Europe.

  5. Pity Poor Germany? Leadership Comes with Responsibility

    By Richard Phillips | How can an economy, which represents only 4.9% of global GDP, be so central to the global economic outlook?

  6. The Return of the “Ugly German”: Unavoidable?

    By Alexei Bayer | Europe may fear Germany, but the European project needs it.

  7. The EU and the German Risk

    By Markus Heinrich | Germany is not just a core member of the EU, it is the core member. Being the EU’s biggest asset also means it is its Achilles heel.

  8. A Letter to My German Friends

    By Denis MacShane | From the Vietnam War to the eurozone crisis: What today’s Germany must learn from LBJ.

  9. Greece: The Franco-German Split Over “Solidarity” in Europe

    By Stephan Richter | Why are Europe’s two key economies so deeply divided over this issue?

  10. German Scientists as 18th-Century Globalists

    By David Blackbourn | The Germans did not have an overseas empire in the 18th century. How did they still become a global force in trade, science, religion and exploration?

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