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A Love Letter to 339 Lafayette: NYC Then and Now

Memories of student activism in a changing New York neighborhood.

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U.S. History a Warning on EU-Turkey Refugee Deal

This time, it may be Europe – not the United States – that faces the ghosts of the “MS St. Louis.”

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The Silent Emergence of the Obama Doctrine

A President who ended the curious U.S. practice of turning natural allies into mortal enemies.

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North Sea Boats and Spanish Crossings

Today’s refugee crisis imagery echoes the Dutch England-Voyagers and French escapees of World War II

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Anti-Militarism: A Source of Modern German Confidence

With nothing left to prove on battlefields, Germany can pursue other tasks and strategies.

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13 Facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The remarkable downsides of Britain’s most famous leader.

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Winston Churchill: Hagiography Versus History


Churchill is hero, not history, and Britain still lives under his shadow.

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The Ancient Silk Road: What and Where It Was

A network that once carried gems, spices and silk now carries electronics.

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Not So Exceptional After All

How the Netherlands provided the guidebook for America’s founding.

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Brazil and the United States: So Different, Yet So Similar

Brazil, the new host of the World Cup, shares a great deal of values with the United States.

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